Super Heros, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Legends of old...

Looking for a painting of Yoda commissioned for you?

Only the highest quality oil paints are used.

Logan painting, Spiderman painting, Iron Man painting, the Joker, Batman, Poison Ivy, and many more.

Legends of old, from Elvis to Marilyn Monroe.

Commissioned paintings for your special interest.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Gifts

Star Wars

Star Trek

Harry Potter

Dr Who

Super Heros

Sci-Fi Merchandise

Unique scfi-fi merchandise made by Adriaan Lotter Art. We have a passion for everything Science Fiction, whether it be super hero merchandise, or sci-fi products. We bring the props from around the galaxy for you to take home.

Uniquely designed merchandise from the themes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC Comic, Computer games etc, you will find here and nowhere else! 

About the artist

Adriaan Lotter

Adriaan Lotter lives in Gauteng, and has been painting for over twenty years. He has a passion for Super Heros, Science Fiction, and Legends from yesterday. Adriaan loves to exclusively do oil paintings, and has showcased his paintings around Gauteng in various art studios and also attended various comsumer shows.


Inspired by super heros and legends of old, his paintings showcase a story, often seen in the eyes of the character painted. Each painting has a unique story, which is a great story to tell friends when they show the painting they have bought.


Adriaan also does commissioned painting, where a theme is given, like Star Trek or Star Wars, or Marvel characters or even a scene from another country (or planet!).


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