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Super Hero's and Fantasy has always been a huge passion of mine, I love painting characters from the Marvel, DC and any other fictional fantasy that resonates with me. Exhibiting some of my work at Comicon was a very exciting experience for me, and i will surely return again in the future. Here are some of my Fan Art over the years.

Captain America
2 Captain America
3 Dumbeldore
Evil Joker
4 Evil Joker R4500
5 Harry Potter
Spiderman Red
8 Spiderman R4500
Black Spiderman
9 Spiderman R3800
10 Superman
11 Superman
Joker HA HA
12 The Joker HA Ha
Joker Heath
13 The Joker Heath R4500
Joker Phoenix
14 The Joker Phoenix R3800
15 Wolverine R5500
16 Wolverine R3800
Ferrarri F1
17 Ferrarri F1
Valentino Rossi
18 Valentino Rossi R2500