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Live Free, Ride Hard

There is just something about racing that gets my heart pumping, being a biker myself there is no greater feeling of freedom than to push yourself to the limit. Now that i am getting older and my dear wife to be does not like the idea of me leaning corners at high speed anymore, i guess the only thing left for me to do is live out my passion for racing in my art. I Love painting cars and bikes, and anything else that goes at the speed of light, Guess boys will be boys..

Ferrarri F1
2 Ferrari F1 R2500
Ferrarri Racing
3 Ferrari Racing
Blast from the past
5 Yester Year
Lotus F1(22)
6 Lotus F1 (22) R4500
Lotus F1(4)
7 Lotus F1 (4) R4500
8 Mustangs<
Valentino Rossi
9 Valentino Rossi R2500
Autumn Express
10 Autumn Express R4500